We have established our Business with the name of our Father Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala Since 1975 under partnership act 1932.

Now our group is been well known as Shiv S Balvantrai Rotliwala with our Trade Mark "SSBR™" & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization since the Year 2014.

Our Group is very much expert with New Technology in Manufacturing & Exporting of Fabrics like Bemberg, Viscose, Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe, Silk, Nylon, Jacquard Design Work & Etc.

Our Group Key person Mr. Satishchandra Balvantrai Rotliwala Son of Late. Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala &
Mr. Shiv Satishchandra Rotliwala son of Satishchandra Balvantrai Rotliwal

has given from their heart to father & grandfather for his happiness to his sole for his wonderful hard work to our Late Firm BLR .





  • Princess Bamberg Chiffon
  • Sparkling Bamberg Chiffon Big Width
  • Bamberg Chiffon Small Border
  • Bamberg Chiffon Satin Border
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jar Border
  • Bamberg Chiffon Satin With Jan
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jan And Satin Stripes
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jan Stripes
  • Grand Bamberg Satin
  • Ever Green Bamberg Chiffon
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jan Jacquard Border
  • Elegant Bamberg Georgette 50” Width
  • Elegant Bamberg Georgette
  • Impressive Bamberg Georgette
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jan Jacquard Pallu
  • Bamberg Chiffon Jar Jacquard Pallu
  • Bamberg Shimmer
  • Amazing Bamberg Chiffon Small Width
  • Amazing Bamberg Chiffon Big Width


  • Classic viscose Crepe
  • Remarkable Viscose Chinon Chiffon 43”
  • Valuable Viscose Georgette
  • Viscose Palm Satin Border
  • Viscose Jan Small Border
  • Viscose Georgette Jan With Small Satin
  • Viscose Georgette Plain And Satin Border
  • Viscose Georgette Anmol Jar With Satin
  • Viscose Georgette Big Anmol Jar With Satin
  • Viscose Georgette Jan Jacquard Border
  • Viscose Georgette Jan Border
  • Viscose Georgette Jar Jacquard Border
  • Viscose Georgette Jar Border
  • Viscose Georgette All Over Jar Big Stripes
  • Viscose Georgette Gap With Jar Patta
  • Viscose Georgette Middle Jan Stripes
  • Viscose Georgette Coffee Jan
  • Viscose Georgette Jan And Satin Jacquard
  • Viscose Georgette Jar Pallu Border
  • Viscose Georgette Jan Butta With Pallu


  • Royal Chinon Chiffon
  • Chinon Chiffon Jacquard
  • Chinon Chiffon Checks With Jacquard
  • Chinon Chiffon Jan Small Butti
  • Chinon Chiffon Allover Butti Design
  • Chinon Chiffon Jari Medium Butti
  • Chinon Chiffon Jari Unique Butti
  • Chinon Chiffon All Over Jaal Design
  • Chinon Chiffon Jan Jacquard Pallu
  • Chinon Chiffon Jan Jacquard Pallu


  • Sufi Georgette
  • Sufi Georgette Jan Border


  • Chiffon Jar Jacquard Border


  • Natural Crepe 43” Width


  • Tassar Silk
  • Tassar Silk Net
  • Tassar Silk Checks
  • Amaze Tebi Silk
  • Akira Silk
  • Tanishka Silk
  • Silky


  • Light Modal Satin
  • Smoth Modal Satins
  • Satin Chiffon
  • Net Burberry With Satin
  • Sufi Satin With Lurex


  • Tassar Allover Jacquard
  • Tassar Allover Jan Jacquard
  • Tassar Allover Jacquard With Jan Butti
  • Tassar Allover Jar Jacquard
  • Burberry Net Jacquard


  • Sunshine
  • Scott Slub
  • Tiyara
  • Twister
  • Muslin Slub
  • Carbon Slub
  • Tassar Gold
  • Floting Slub
  • Modal Gold
  • Platinum Modal
  • Net Burberry Plain
  • Net Burberry Jar Border


Printing Process

  • Jet Dyeing
  • Dryer
  • Stenter
  • Printing on Flad Bed Machin & Rotory
  • Chemical & Dyes
  • Loop
  • Wasing
  • Zero zero
  • Folding
  • Ready for Delivery

Dyeing Process

  • Drum Washer / Jet Dyeing
  • Stenter
  • Zero zero
  • Folding
  • Finesh


Plot No. 134,
Shiv Ashish Industrial Co. Op. Society Ltd.,
Nr. Chosath Jogni Mata Mandir,
Opp. SMC Community Hall,
Udhna Magdalla Road,
Surat - 395 002. (Gujarat) INDIA
M. +91-98251-13740
M. +91-99091-99990
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